Phasmophobia Randomizer 1.0 !
0000006: [Symfony] [Symfony] Setting up the site under a Framework (tristantheb)
       0000012: [Scripts] [Gen Script] Object generation confuses the form entry. (tristantheb)
       0000005: [Suggestion & Idea] [Idea] Create rooms to share the wheel result to other players (tristantheb)
             0000010: [Symfony] [Rooms] Create an Copy code and Paste from clipboard buttons (tristantheb)
       0000001: [Localization] [Loca ALL] Make definitive localization (tristantheb)
       0000003: [Suggestion & Idea] [Streamer] Get list of items on external file/window (tristantheb)
       0000007: [Scripts] General update of the scripts to separate the management between PHP and Javascript (tristantheb)
       0000009: [Graphics] [Accessibility] Some elements cursor has wrong (tristantheb)
       0000011: [Game mode] Add a list of extra options (tristantheb)
       0000013: [Scripts] [Script] Rework of all scripts to follow the new site separation (tristantheb)
       0000008: [Symfony] Separate the different game modes with different routes (tristantheb)
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