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0000013Phasmophobia randomizerScriptspublic2021-01-13 16:43
Reportertristantheb Assigned Totristantheb  
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
PlatformFirefoxOSWindowsOS Version10
Target Version1.0.0 
Summary0000013: [Script] Rework of all scripts to follow the new site separation

-[x] Divide the scripts according to their game mode
-[_] Rework the scripts to align them with the new forms
-[ ] Updating the item translation method
-[ ] Create a new "Creative" game mode allowing to edit all the values and have a custom randomizer.

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related to 0000012 acknowledgedtristantheb [Gen Script] Object generation confuses the form entry. 
child of 0000006 feedbacktristantheb [Symfony] Setting up the site under a Framework 


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