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0000005Phasmophobia randomizerSuggestion & Ideapublic2020-12-27 00:10
Reportertristantheb Assigned Totristantheb  
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Product Version0.4.0 
Target Version1.0.0 
Summary0000005: [Idea] Create rooms to share the wheel result to other players

To give users the opportunity to share their hunt and cassia items, a Room system will be created to allow other players to join it and see the list of items that have been drawn and the map.

When a player creates a Room, it is valid for hours (from the last draw). The other players can see the content of the hunt, but cannot change anything.

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parent of 0000010 acknowledgedtristantheb [Rooms] Create an Copy code and Paste from clipboard buttons 
child of 0000006 feedbacktristantheb [Symfony] Setting up the site under a Framework 
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2020-11-23 22:10

manager   ~0000007

Work in progress - Storing room in database during specific time / Create room / Share room / Show room content


2020-12-27 00:10

manager   ~0000009

Create Room - OK
Remove Room - OK

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